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Career and Technical Endorsement

Curriculum Area Carnegie Units Required Subjects
English 4 English I
English II
Mathematics 4 Algebra I
Science 3 Biology I
Social Studies 3 ½ 1 World History
1 U.S. History
½ U.S. Government
½ Economics
½ Mississippi Studies
Physical Education ½  
Health ½  
Arts 1  
College and Career Readiness 1 Must occur in the student’s junior or senior year, or in the student completion of a 4 year sequence
Technology or Computer Science 1  
CTE Electives 4 Must complete a four course sequential program of study
Additional Electives 3 ½  
Total Units Required 26  



Additional Requirements:

  • Earn an overall GPA of 2.5
  • Earn Silver level of ACT Workkeys
  • Earn two additional Carnegie Units for a total of 26
  • Must successfully complete one of the following:

One CTE dual credit or earn articulated credit in the high school CTE course


Work-Based Learning experience or Career Pathway experience


Earn a State Board of Education- approved national credential